Thanks to the amazing generosity of this Eagle Crest community, we raised $13,419 in 2 weeks!


Since this amount does not include some of the matching funds that have been pledged, we are feeling very positive that we will hit our 15K target in order to get the entire $110K from the district.

AND, there’s still time! You can still donate here at or bring cash or checks (made out to Eagle Crest PTO) to the Eagle Crest office. OR, join us at Wibby Brewing on Saturday, April 6 at 6:30 pm for Parent’s Board Game Night

The more we make, the more amazing features we can implement to enhance our students’ play and learning outside.

Our incredible Eagle Crest community has raised $9,117.60 so far!



Thank you for your continued generosity and please keep sending in those donations. For every $1,000 shortfall of the $15,000 we need to raise, we lose $10,000 of the $110,000 gift! The stakes are high, but together we can do it! Donate here:

Or, turn in your donation envelopes by Friday, 3/22 to the Eagle Crest office. Checks should be made out to Eagle Crest PTO.

Thank you!



$7,315 raised to date!

WOW! This is what happens when a community comes together! We have one week left. Please turn in your donation envelopes — or donate here on this website with PayPal or by credit card by clicking on the purple Donate Now! button in the top right corner — and get us across the finish line. There are so many great, outdoor play and learning opportunities that will be brought to life this summer for our kids with your help.

Remember your donations are tax deductible! Please let us know if you need a receipt. And, THANK YOU ALL for your generosity!

$3085 raised to date!

We’re on our way!

Thanks to your generosity we've raised $3085 so far but we're still far from our $15,000 goal that will allow us to get all of the equipment planned! Please send money in the envelope you received in last Thursday's folder. Checks can be made out to the Eagle Crest PTO. No donation is too small!


Help us Reach Our $15,000 Goal!

Eagle Crest is breaking ground on our new schoolyard this summer.  

We need your support to raise $15,000 in order to receive the full matching donation of $110,000.

The new playground plans include more age-appropriate play structures, planting throughout the schoolyard, and enhanced seating areas.  

Over the next two weeks, our goal is to raise $15,000 to receive the full matching amount and help fund the climbing net and spinner playground equipment shown below.

Donation envelopes have been sent home in today’s Thursday folders, and we ask that you return them by March 22nd with your tax-deductible donation.  You may also contribute online and learn more about these exciting changes at  Your donation will support a project that will benefit our entire community almost immediately.  Every donation helps! Thank you!!

Schoolyard Improvement Project — Updates and FAQs

First off, a big thank you to those who have already donated to the Eagle Crest Schoolyard Improvement Project.  We are off to a great start, and your generosity is greatly appreciated.

We have had a number of questions regarding the Schoolyard Improvement Project and will try to address them to ensure that the school community understands the goals and reasons behind a second fundraising push this year.  Please see some of the questions that we’ve received and their answers below, and let us know what other questions you have. Our aim is to be as transparent as possible while moving towards a dramatically improved Eagle Crest schoolyard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Um, remind me.  What is the Schoolyard Improvement Project?  

A: Eagle Crest has received $110,000 to improve our schoolyard!  The Schoolyard Volunteer Planning Committee is working directly with Eagle Crest parents and the Longmont community in order to improve one of its most important facilities, our Eagle Crest Elementary. We are asking for your help to raise additional funds to help ensure this dream comes to fruition. Simply put, the more money we raise, the more improvements we can make. This is a huge opportunity to improve our children’s daily outdoor experiences.

Q: When will this project occur?  Will my kids benefit?

A: The changes are scheduled to be made this summer, which means that we need to raise funds in a hurry.  It also means that our entire community will benefit almost immediately.

Q: How can I see the proposed schoolyard changes?  

A: The Schoolyard Improvement Project’s website has plans and photos that will help you better envision the planned changes.  Please visit As you will see, this is a huge opportunity to greatly improve the play yard and learning spaces provided to our children and the greater community.  

Q: I just gave money to the PTO for Laps 4 Leadership.  How is this different from that fundraising initiative?

A: Laps 4 Leadership is driven by the PTO whereas the Schoolyard Improvement Project was kickstarted by an Eagle Crest parent who saw the need for change. This parent then partnered with other parents, staff members, and — most importantly — students to create the Schoolyard Volunteer Planning Committee; they are now working with the PTO to fundraise for this very particular opportunity. The money earned by Laps 4 Leadership is earmarked for all sorts of specific items, including paraprofessional salaries, field trips, classroom funds, and more. The PTO has, however, donated an initial $5,000 towards the Schoolyard Improvement Project.  

Q: How can I help this initiative?

A: The most direct way to help is to donate via the website at Company match programs are a great way to double your donation, and every donation will help to make the planned improvements a reality.  

We need YOUR help to improve our schoolyard!

Altair II.JPG

We are so excited to kick off this effort! Thanks to the proactive efforts of a few visionary Eagle Crest parents, we have received $110,000 to Improve our Schoolyard! We have big plans — such as buddy benches, inclusive play opportunities, and outdoor learning areas — to name a few. But we need YOUR HELP to make this happen! The Schoolyard Volunteer Planning Committee is partnering with parents on this project because they realize that this is a great opportunity to work closely with the community to improve one of its facilities, and they appreciate the effort already put forth by the proactive parents at Eagle Crest Elementary School to make it happen. We still need to raise some additional funds (our target is $50,000, but the more we raise, the more we can do in the yard!) in order to make this vision a reality. Check out our planned design features and how we got here on the About the Project page of this site, or make a donation NOW!

And follow along with us as we make progress on this exciting community project by subscribing to this blog!